About me

From my childhood I have always loved to paint. In the country I grew up (Mexico), it is uncommon to study art, so I studied design, then married and had children. Once we moved into a big, massive house. It was so big that I didn’t have so many furniture to fill it up, and it looked really empty. My solution was to paint the walls. I started with my childrens room, and painted for them a colourfull jungle, with a lake, some threes, ducks, crocodiles, monkeys, jumping frogs and flying birds. They were really excited! They even took less time to get to learn the colors and the numbers.

One day, a friend came to visit and entered to see the room. She saw the landscape and she loved it. ‘Make me one, identical, for my childrens room’ she said. To hers, since she had a girl, I also added some fairies and other flowers that she asked for. We were very good friends, and I gladfully painted for her 🙂 Afterwards, a friend of hers (whom I had never met) went to her house. When she saw the mural, she decided she wanted one for her children also. My friend called and explained that her friend wanted a mural. From there on, calls started coming wishing for a mural, and, eventually, not only for their children, but for restaurants, offices and many other things. That was the simple beginning of ‘paredviva’ (in Spanish: ‘Living – wall’, in Czech: ‘ZivaStena’). I transformed it into a established ‘business’, came with a name for it and made it its website, in Mexico, 15 years ago. Publicity came by itself, making itself from mouth to mouth.

In 2014, while I was calmly talking with my husband, I received a call from the ambassy from the Czech Republic in Mexico, to inform me about a recent law which allows for the grandchildren of czech emigrants to make a petition to obtain czech citizenship. Such an interesting life for my family!!! To shorten the matter, my grandfather arrived to Mexico during the Second World War, where he married, had children, and one of his sons became my dear father 🙂 (That explains why my name is so czech) And so, we applied for citizenship. To complete the process we came to live here last year, as czechs, but learning slowly the not very easy czech language. Now my children are young men, one finished the czech Gymnazium and the other one is about to enter an art school. We have been incredibly well received, which has helped us a lot to adapt to this completely new culture. The Czech Republic has facinated us in every sense! We love to walk alongside Vltava and to hike in the such well signalized czech mountains. To eat tocena zmrzlina, and parek v rohliku. We have been marveled by its change in seasons and its freezing winter. We have Enyojed learning a new language, and to suddenly find ourselves in the middle of this wonderful nation, with the simple possibility of spending the evening wandering in Prague. Now I’m starting to do with so much happiness and satisfaction what I have done for so many time: PAINTING”