painting from life


Join the ziva challenge and be part of this community of artists around the world, where throughout the month of May we will be painting and posting a work every day.  At the end of the month we will draw a 🎁 among those who finish the challenge.


Two photographs must be posted every day in the same account that you used to register, either on Facebook or Instagram (one of the work and the other of the work together with the object).  It is essential to include the day number and the hashtag #zivachallenge

Example: Day 12 #zivachallenge

Please make sure to have your account visible to all public, so that we can see your work.  If you do not want to have your public account or do not want to post your works on your profile, you can send your photos as a private message to zivastena, either on Facebook or Instagram. Every day we will post some photos of the contestants on our page, and every Monday we will post a list with the participants who continue the challenge.

To be able to participate in the contest, you have to complete the 31 days of the month of May painting a work each day.  It may be the case of a complex work that needs more time for its completion, in this case send the photo of the same painting the days it takes you to do it.  It is essential that there are noticeable changes between the days. 

All works must be painted based on real objects.  It is not valid taking them from images, photos, computer, or imagination.  They can be painted or drawn in any technique, medium or size.

A theme for the next day’s work will be chosen at random and will be announced by facebook and Instagram one day before, at 12:00 on the profile of Živá stěna at facebook and instagram, and the work must be posted on the day indicated before 24:00.  They are ideas to inspire us and foster creativity, and they can be interpreted very freely.

On May 31 the challenge ends, on June 5 we will make the last count of the participants who managed to finish until the end and the winner of the gift will be selected by lottery.

If you have any questions or comments, you can send it to us by private message on Facebook or Instagram.


To register for the challenge just send

“I’m in! #zivachallenge May 2021 “

 to ziva stena’s page on Facebook or Instagram before May 1 from the account where you will be posting all your works.  When we have read your post, you will receive a reply “you’re registered”.  On May 1 you can start painting and post your paintings on your own wall.


Here you will find a list of the artists participating in this #zivachallenge, and a link to their info, to those who want to provide it.

If you want to have a link to your contact information in this space and on the zivastena page on fb and ig, you can send it by private message.

We wish you that this challenge makes you grow as an artist and, above all, as a person.

Tons of creativity for you all!