I Want One

Murals are something extremely personal, not something done in series. My main objective is to perfectly understand the purpose of the mural, and by doing this, to achieve exactly what my clients want. It is not only painting, but also creating the enviroment, a space that gives joy, which people want to be in, in which people can rejoice and enyoj. Something like that can only happen from individual to individual.

The first step is to contact me by mail or by phone, and tell me the theme, the size and of course, the adress. In this moment I’ll give you an aproximated estimate. If it’s in a house or a small proyect, I arrive with my painting box and, after carefully studying the theme and the space, I make a small sketch in paper and start covering and protecting furniture and floors. First I make the stroke and afterwards I color it.

I paint with acrilic paint, which dries quickly and is very resistant. It doesn’t smell at all, and the place can be used the whole time as usual. The paint can be applied over any wall. Murals in houses, for a childrens room, take usually about one to three days, depending on the proyect and the size of the room.

To paint a restaurant or a bigger proyect the process is similar, except that it slows down a little bit. The biggest difference is that the process to provide a sketch or budget is more detailed, and I need be in the site with days in anticipation to study the place and take the exacte measures, apart from the time to plan the proyect. In this case, acrilic is also used. A public place also can be kept working as usual, and I’ve found out that people don’t only not bother with my presence, but their attentions are drawn to seeing me work, although, of course, it is less complicated when the place is being built or remodeled.